Summoners wars: Guide to Progress the Game and Learn features

Summoners wars is a mobile multiplayer game. Developed by Com2us in the mid of 2014. Summoners wars successfully earned more than 1.30 billion and more than 100 million downloads worldwide. It was a huge success for South Korean developers. There are various types of currency in the game each end every currency used to purchase several types of things. Summoners wars hack useful for gain currency in high amount.


The main objective of the game is to clear all mission and unlocks monsters. Every mission helps in achieving a new monster and after the player can use the monster in missions. There are so many scenarios in the game, completing them to unlock new levels and monsters. Always keep a minimum of five Energy slots for entering in a match.

Giants teams are very effective in clearing the scenarios and are and having successful earnings in PvP summoning wars.  After clearing every scenario and looking for clear Faimon hard, try to take Giant’s B10 team.

Having thousands of monsters in the game makes a player needs to make much effort because each monster is different from others because attributes and powers have lots of variety. There are such five different kinds of element attributes –

·         Fire

·         Water

·         Light

·         Wind

·         Dark

Every player can unlock thousands of monsters. It takes a lot of efforts to unlock these much amounts of monsters, but it will help the in progress the game. While progressing the game, some monsters are must to unlock for winning the battles. Summoners wars hacks can help in unlock monsters easily with any hard efforts.

The strategy is the main key

The player should add different element types of monsters and characters. Mainly the healer characters are more helpful in the matches.

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